“The colors from my Eternity “

Oil on canvas 60×80

Arte 2019

Painting, pittura fresca

Black & black is white & white

Synopsis :-) 🎨❤️🥐🍿

Just a “taste” from Art – Peace and Me

the music is “Renata”- (Christophe’s Chasy)

Nature is not dead yet is just waiting to be eaten.

28×35 cm #oil-on-canvas 2018 #renatac


If has blues

“ÏF”Is a painting from 2006 and was in ARS LATINA , Masserata Italia, for a exhibit. It oil and gold leaves on canvas. A portrait that express a thought on the feeling matters, someone who has a blues and is thinking about the feelings which is already gone. The model is a friend, who has this painting in Rome Italy. This is the only good picture that I still have in my files, unfortunately !

L’uomo musicale e la lingua letteraria

Mio uomo ideale un sacco di cultura in testa e musica dentro di sé

Pittura Fresca

Portrait : 2017/2018

oil on canvas