Just finished!

the nature is not dead …

Mature in nature, not dead yet… ready to be eaten

oil on canvas

Nature is not dead yet is just waiting to be eaten.

28×35 cm #oil-on-canvas 2018 #renatac


Just for fun

About me…

Resting in my soul
Evidences of a life which I show.
Nothing can be changed then but maybe can be improve somehow
Imagine a new life with the best of our experiences !

Victory is creating a small smile when nothing more to laugh about.
Ahead we go every day, because it is the only way.
Rebound the souls and creating
Oceans of
LOVE, in the end…
It is paradise !fullsizeoutput_254


If has blues

“ÏF”Is a painting from 2006 and was in ARS LATINA , Masserata Italia, for a exhibit. It oil and gold leaves on canvas. A portrait that express a thought on the feeling matters, someone who has a blues and is thinking about the feelings which is already gone. The model is a friend, who has this painting in Rome Italy. This is the only good picture that I still have in my files, unfortunately !


120 x 80 cm
Innocence -oil on canvas

Is a #painting which talks about #children whom as victims of #pedophilia; when the life is stolen and generated confusion in their minds and remains forever, making their lives chained between two worlds. A scare which will be in constantly pain beyond time.

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