LaBChic – Renata Varoli 

“I’m painter, an artist and a woman”

From 1980-82 I studied jewellery design in Paris. As an autodidact I started work with design, fashion illustration and graphic arts, however the field that I have identified myself best is painting.

In 1998 I moved to the United States, place of which I had a chance to develop my techniques, grow artistically and be recognized.

In 2000, after participating in different ‘Art Crawls ‘, I was interviewed by The Houston Chronicle and by the Conroe Courier where I appeared on the first page. As a result I was invited to exhibit in different art galleries. By that time, I participate as well in other art projects, one of them was ‘The Cow Parade’ in Houston.

After Houston I moved to Chicago being commissioned to paint large murals for a high end restaurant chain.
I exhibited in New York, Beijing, participated in the Biennial Arad in Romania, and a collective in O’hair Airport as well at the Museum of Science & Technology in Chicago, with a project called: ‘The Abstract Minds’. Soon after, I exhibited at ArsLatina in Italy and in a solo exhibition at Galerie M in Chicago. While later, I had the opportunity to go to Bologna, city of which later I moved to and participated in two simultaneous collectives: one with a sculpture ‘Lingua LETTERARIA’ at Museo Civico Medievale and ‘Pittura Fresca’ at Galleria C30 .

After spending some time in Dax, Biarritz, Zarauts, Irum, I moved to Paris, where I was invited to exhibit at the “Associations de Puteaux” and as ‘solo’ with ‘Melodies Metaphorical’ at Sale Beatrice Hodent Broutelles – It was the first time in which I exhibited my new artistic phase. I participated at collective in Rome named: ‘Incantarte’ at Galleria Domus Talenti .

In 2014, I participated with eight small artworks at ‘Shalp Salon des Artistes in Puteaux’- Paris. And recently, in 2016, I had two shows called: ‘La Barbone Chic Antonieta della Bici’ and ‘Fatto a Mano’ in Bologna, Italy, place of which I have decided to settle.